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Bishop Kay Goldsworthy elected as the next Bishop of Gippsland

December 12, 2014

The Most Reverend Roger Herft, Archbishop of Perth and Metropolitan of the Province of Western Australia, announced yesterday that Bishop Kay Goldsworthy has been elected as the next Bishop of Gippsland Diocese.

Bishop Kay is the Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Perth. In 2008, she became the first woman consecrated as a bishop in Australia.

Archbishop Roger has written to the Diocese of Perth as follows:


I write with the news that Bishop Kay has been elected by the Bishop Appointment Board to be the next Bishop of Gippsland;

Bishop Kay has served the Diocese of Perth with fortitude, perseverance and panache. Since 1988 Bishop Kay has served as Chaplain to Perth College; Rector of Applecross; Canon of St George’s Cathedral; Archdeacon of the Southern Region; Chaplain to MU; Administrator of the Diocese of Perth; Archdeacon of Perth; and Diocesan Registrar prior to her consecration as Bishop in 2008. 

We will certainly miss her. This news is good for the Diocese of Gippsland and for the Australian Church as a whole. Perth has again contributed to the leadership within the wider Australian context.

We assure Bishop Kay, Jeri, Tom and Ben of our prayers in this challenging time of transition. We pray that God who has called her will enable her in ministry as a Diocesan Bishop.

Further details will follow.

+Roger Perth


ABM warmly congratulates Bishop Kay on her appointment as the next Bishop of Gippsland.

For more information about Bishop Kay Goldsworthy, visit the Diocese of Perth website –