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Creation Care movement in southern Africa

March 21, 2018

From the Anglican Communion News Service website

Anglicans and evangelical groups work to build a Creation Care movement in southern Africa

[ACNS  March 20, 2018] The Green Anglicans network in southern Africa is partnering with a number of ecumenical bodies to create a Creation Care movement in the region. Some 28 Anglicans from eight countries attended a Creation Care and the Gospel Workshop in South Africa recently, organised by Lausanne / World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Creation Care Network and A Rocha ZA, together with Green Anglicans.

In 2010, more than 4,000 Christian leaders at the 3rd Lausanne Congress on World Evangelisation, in Cape Town, said: “The earth is created, sustained and redeemed by Christ. We cannot claim to love God while abusing what belongs to Christ by right of creation, redemption, and inheritance. . .

“If Jesus is Lord of all the earth, we cannot separate our relationship to Christ from how we act in relation to the earth. For to proclaim the gospel that says ‘Jesus is Lord’ is to proclaim the gospel that includes the earth, since Christ’s Lordship is over all creation. Creation care is thus a gospel issue within the Lordship of Christ.”

The Lausanne / WEA Creation Care Conference (Southern Africa) is part of a global campaign to stimulate a creation care movement across countries of Southern Africa. The conference sought to empower Christians to develop new and strengthen existing creation care partnerships and initiatives throughout Southern Africa, by exploring the theme of creation care in the Bible, equipping, catalysing and facilitating Christian creation care movements in local contexts and to encourage existing initiatives within the region, exchanging stories of creation care in action, and developing a strong and active regional network of creation care practitioners and advocates.


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