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Prayers for Australia to become a just and generous nation

June 17, 2016

15 June, 2016 – Micah Australia Media Release

Prayers for Australia to become a just and generous nation

Prayers for Australia to become a just and generous nation Over the coming week hundreds of Christians around the country will gather together in worship and prayer for Australia’s leaders, the nation and the world at Election Prayer and Worship Gatherings coordinated by Micah Australia.

Christians from all denominations are being encouraged to attend services this month in Sydney (18th), Canberra (23rd), Alice Springs (23rd), Melbourne (24th), Adelaide (25th) and Brisbane (30th) to pray for justice in the world and guidance for Australia’s soon-to-be elected leaders.

“Advocacy is speaking to the powerful on behalf of the powerless, and prayer itself is a form of advocacy as we cry out from the depths of our hearts to the God of grace and justice,” said Ben Thurley, National Coordinator of Micah Australia.

“We are called to pray for all our leaders and for their work in governing the nation. We are also called to pray for our own nation and the way it helps or hinders God’s work of peace, mercy, and justice in the wider community of nations,” said Mr Thurley.

“As we approach a federal election and elect our nation’s leaders, it’s a vital time for Christians to gather together and pray for our nation’s leaders to help build a just, peaceful and sustainable world. It’s clear we have a lot of work to do.”

“Although Australia has never been wealthier as a country, our life-saving aid program has been cut to its lowest ever level. Although we enjoy peace and security, we imprison vulnerable people fleeing persecution in conditions that cause enormous physical, emotional and mental harm. And although we steward some of the world’s most beautiful natural treasures – particularly the Great Barrier Reef – and live in the region of the world most vulnerable to natural disasters, we are failing to take substantial action on climate change.”

Micah Australia has developed a resource kit for church groups unable to attend a capital city event to host their own prayer vigil prior to the election.

More details about the services and vigils can be found at: