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The Rev Gloria Shipp


Rev Gloria Shipp conducting baptisms

The Rev Gloria Shipp is frequently approached to conduct outdoor 
baptisms, like this one where 5 children were baptised. 
© Eddie Shipp, 2016.

Reconciliation project

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Reconciliation Program:
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Elder, Pastor, Aunty, Teacher, Chairperson, Chaplain, Friend. The Reverend Gloria Shipp goes by many titles.

Based in Dubbo in Central NSW, the first Aboriginal Woman to be ordained in the Anglican Church of Australia maintains 
an active ministry that reaches out beyond the walls of the church to embrace the entire community.

‘Jay Jays’ is Gloria’s affectionate title for the boys and young men she visits twice every week at the Orana Juvenile Justice Centre. With Bible talks, loss and grief workshops, screen printing classes and Sunday services once a month it’s no wonder some of the boys nominate their visits from Gloria as a highlight of the week.

While children are so important in Gloria’s ministry, their elders are far from forgotten. The Elders’ Outreach Group provides a space of community and fellowship every Tuesday during school time in the church hall, and sometimes gathers on Monday in Gloria’s home.

Participants look forward to excursions – with Gloria’s husband Eddie driving the bus to places like the Wiradjuri Study Centre in Condoblin. Men’s camps, women’s camps, rallies, reconciliation luncheons, Women of the Bible talks and outdoor baptisms also dot Gloria’s year, even before she attends to her national responsibilities as Chairperson of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council (NATSIAC).

Your support provides a small stipend to Gloria and one day/week of administrative assistance. It also goes towards hall hire, petrol for the mini bus, dinners, rallies, catering and Christmas gifts for the boys at ‘Jay Jays’.

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Renewing the Spirit

The Reverend Gloria Shipp was the first Aboriginal woman to be ordained a priest in the Anglican Church in Australia. In this video, she talks about her life, her spiritual journey and ministry, centered around the Dubbo area in New South Wales.