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May 2021 Project Update: Support of a year seven student at Gawura

Funds donated to this project are used to support an Aboriginal student through their secondary school years. St Andrew’s Cathedral School has recently sent us a report on the Year 7 student supported by this project. For child safety reasons, ABM won’t give you her name, but we can tell you that she has made a brilliant start to high school. She has made friends and settled in very well to her secondary studies.

In fact, she had nine merits in term 1 which is fantastic. ABM wishes her well for the remainder of her first year of secondary studies.  

The school has also reported on the following:

  • Gawura has employed a new Wiradjuri teacher;
  • The campus now has six kindergarten students, two more than in 2020
  • There are now 11 students on secondary scholarships, and these students receive additional support from a new position of Aboriginal Education Consultant K-12
  • Everyone has their uniforms, textbooks, laptops and everything they need to learn
  • An Elder-in-Residence, Ms Carr-Smith, provides advice on culture and cultural protocols both to Gawura and to St Andrew’s Cathedral School in general.

ABM congratulates Gawura campus and St Andrew’s Cathedral School for this important program, and prays for the well-being and success of all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the program, and for their families.

Gawura school students