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Australia: The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council (NATSIAC)

 NATSIAC members at their 2017 Gathering in Melbourne.
NATSIAC members at their 2017 Gathering in Melbourne.
Reconciliation project

This is part of the Reconciliation Program: Learn more about ABM’s Programs

This project aims to support the vision of NATSIAC to be the primary voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans, promoting Gospel mission, encouraging ministry and generating resources so that they may walk together with God and the wider Church.

The NATSIAC Gathering is an important time for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans to meet together to encourage one another in ministry and discuss matters of national importance. At NATSIAC’s annual gathering members shared their thoughts with ABM.

“Well to me [NATSIAC ] is not an organisation, it is like a tree that grows and it one day will bear much fruit.” – The Rev John Noah, NATSIAC Deputy Chairperson

“NATSIAC is the body that advises the Anglican Church of Australia on ministry with Aboriginal and The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council (NATSIAC) Torres Strait Islander peoples. We also gather to support each other and to encourage each other and also to deal with issues that might be confronting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around Australia.” – The Rt Rev
Chris McLeod, National Aboriginal Bishop

“We need the wider church to listen to us a little bit more, and we need younger people to step up.” – The Rev Robyn Davis, Diocese of Bendigo

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lost so much and we pray that the wider church will join with us in hoping that we can walk together as one body of Christ into the future. We pray that the wider church would look to us for a voice so that you can listen, so that you can hear us, and that we can then work together for a solid, better future.” – The Rev Daryl McCullough, Diocese of Bathurst.

“We’ve re-evaluated our vision. We are more determined to become the voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans.“- The Rev Bruce Boase, Diocese of Brisbane

NATSIAC was established in 1991 and its members include clergy and lay people from all across the Australian Church. Please give to this project to provide assistance to the Secretariat to improve coordination between NATSIAC members and raise the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglicans within the Australian Church.

AU019NA needs $12,500 in 2018 (non tax-deductible)



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