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Australia:The Rev Gloria Shipp update

March 2017

Last year proved to be a busy and productive year for The Rev Gloria Shipp and her team! ABM recently received an update on all the activities of 2016, along with photos of the major events.

Walkabout team with their banner
The Walkabout Ministries team display their banner at the Elder’s Olympics, held in Orange NSW. 
© Gloria Shipp, 2016. Used with permission.

In September, the Rev Gloria organised a Reconciliation Luncheon. The Welcome to Country was conducted by Margaret Walker, and Bob Slockee from ‘Australians Together’ was the guest speaker. The talk and subsequent question time was thought provoking, and guests expressed their appreciation for the event. Below is an excerpt from an email sent to Rev Gloria after the luncheon;

Rev Gloria and Bob Slockee
The Rev Gloria and Bob Slockee. © Gloria Shipp, 2016.
Used with permission.

I particularly like it when Bob said it’s about God up there and then all us fellas down here.

Love the idea of all being one, no colour or race, we are all equal. God loves us all. I also understood better about the hurt that indigenous people have gone through. And how it continues through the generations, and how we can all work together to make a difference for future generations. Learning how to let go of the hurt. The ideas he shared were very thought provoking, powerful and encouraging. 

Thanks again Gloria, job well done, to you and all your helpers.

PS The Dancers were the best I have seen also food was great as well! 


The Elders Outreach Group continued to meet every Tuesday during the school terms at Holy Trinity hall, enjoying fellowship along with sewing and craft projects. Guest speakers came to discuss vary topics, and there were also visits from health professionals and a massage therapist. It’s little wonder why this group is so popular!

Regular events were held for the Elders Outreach Group throughout the year as well, including the Elder’s Olympics in Orange, a day trip to Goobang National Park with a BBQ lunch, and a visit to the Emu Logic Farm in Tooraweenah. 

BBQ with Elders Outreach group   Visit to Emu Logic Farm
 A lovely way to spend the day – BBQ lunch with friends in the
Goobang National Park. 
© Gloria Shipp, 2016. Used with permission.
  Confronting the big birds at the Emu Logic
Farm, Tooraweenah. © Gloria Shipp, 2016.
Used with permission.


Christmas dinner with Walkabout Ministries
Walkabout Ministries Christmas dinner. © Gloria Shipp, 2016.
Used with permission.

The Chaplaincy services are reportedly going well at the Orana Juvenile Justice Centre, with the Rev Gloria working 2 days a week and holding Sunday services once per month, plus other significant Christian days’ services. The young men all enjoyed the Christmas service in December, and were each given a gift. 

Walkabout Ministries also held a Christmas dinner for the Bathurst community, and it was well attended. The ladies sang Christmas carols, and everyone received a Bible promise book at the end. The dinners are attended by both church and non-church women, and are a great opportunity for fellowship and connection.

There are many other events beside these that Rev Gloria has coordinated, bringing together people from the Aboriginal community for vital fellowship, learning and sharing.

To read more of this important work, please download the report here.



The Rev Gloria Shipp and ABM would like to extend heartfelt thanks to our supporters who have given so generously throughout 2016, making this program possible.


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