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Australia: Northern Territory Discipleship Track


Participants at the Northern Territory Pre-Synod Workshop in May 2017. © The Rev Kate Beer of the Diocese of Northern Territory. Used with permission.
Participants at the Northern Territory Pre-Synod Workshop in May 2017.
© The RevKate Beer of the Diocese of Northern Territory. Used with permission.
Reconciliation project




This is part of the Reconciliation Program:Learn more about ABM’s Programs

This project seeks to help remote Aboriginal Christians who want to be intentional in their faith, especially those in leadership, to access much-needed training and support as they seek to witness to Christ in their communities.

In May 2017, 25 Indigenous church leaders gathered from nine remote communities around the Northern Territory for one of the Discipleship Track events – the Pre-Synod workshop. The aim was to enable their full participation in Synod. Each day commenced with studies from the Epistle to the Ephesians, with participants from each community able to read the Bible and talk in their own language.

The group prayed together, discussed common concerns in church leadership and encouraged one another. These leaders minister in isolated settings, often with little support, which makes gatherings like
these very special.

Not only did this strengthen leaders’ Synod participation but, at their request, studies from the workshop were developed into posters and materials to assist leaders to share what was discussed with those in their communities.

This project also funded Healing Groups to help those caught up in cycles of fighting and conflict.

These groups were born when church leaders on Groote Eylandt expressed deep concern at the unresolved and growing tensions in the lives of many in the community who were struggling to deal with the impact of hurt, grief and violence. The diocese has gathered two trained workers in the Healing Groups Program and women in two communities for the first two of eight planned group sessions which were held in May 2017. Participants were very engaged with the visual and oral material, and the next step is to grow the project by training local people to lead groups.

The Rev Kate Beer, the Ministry Development Officer for the Diocese of the Northern Territory said, “The diocese is so thankful to God for the support of ABM and others which enables gatherings like this. Please continue to pray for God’s enabling for these churches, and these servants who minister in leadership of them.”

Please consider supporting this unique project to help remote Aboriginal Christians as they seek to walk ‘the narrow’ track with God.

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July 2018 – Some good news from the Diocese of the Northern Territory where the Ministry Development Team are running transforming Trauma Healing Group sessions. Read more.


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