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Church of Melanesia emergency response.

Natural disasters can have devastating impacts on communities. Landslides, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and bush fires are some examples of the types of natural occurrences which trigger emergency relief responses. Other types of crises such as civil war and conflict can also lead to emergency situations where many people are displaced and need urgent assistance.

ABM supports our partners not only by providing emergency relief aid, but also by helping to prepare them for emergency situations and educating them on methods to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Click on the links below to find out more about how ABM works with other partners around the world to respond to humanitarian emergencies and also helping our partners with disaster preparedness.







Philippines and Fiji 2021 – Read about how your donations enabled Anglican church volunteers to respond to Typhoon Ulysses and Cyclone Yasa.

COVID-19 December 2021 – Read about how AID responded to COVID-19 in seven partner countries across the globe here

Vanuatu July 2021 – How the Anglican Church in Vanuatu rose to the challenge of tropical cyclone Harold. Read more

Papua New Guinea July 2021 – Successes and challenges for Anglicare PNG’s work in combatting COVID-19 in remote PNG. Read more

Beirut Explosion June 2021 – 50 year-old Saeed, who has a number of chronic illnesses, lost his job as a result of the explosion. Saeed’s family greatly appreciated the food donated by ABM supporters, which freed up his wife’s salary to pay for his monthly medicines. Read more

Australia May 2021 – ABM supported the Anglican response to the Australian bushfires in Southern New South Wales. Read more

Australia May 2021 –ABM supported the Anglican response to the Australian bushfires in South Australia. Read more

Australia December 2020 – ABM supported the Anglican response to the Australian bushfires in East Gippsland. Read more

Papua New Guinea September 2020 – The Anglican Church of PNG is responding to COVID-19 in West New Britain. Read more

Papua New Guinea August 2020 – The church in PNG has been supported by the AusPNG Partnership to provide information about COVID-19 to 15,000 people. Read more

Australia, July 2020 – How Anglicans lent a hand after Australia’s bushfires. Read more

Philippines, July 2020 – Filipinos bounce back after Cyclone Mangkhut and Mindanao Earthquake.
Read more

Solomon Islands, Indonesia and Africa, July 2020 – Disasters have a global reach. So does ABM. Read more

Tonga, PNG and Indonesia, December 2019 – When disasters struck Tonga, PNG and Indonesia in 2018, ABM’s local partners came up with three different solutions which ABM supported. Read more

Palestine, August 2019 – Here is an update on the work ABM has been supporting at the Al Ahli Hospital, both through project work and our emergency response. Read more

Mozambique, July 2019 ABM was quick in responding to assist the Mozambique Church, and their outreach arm, Hope Africa, in providing emergency aid to people affected by Cyclone Idai, but there is still more work to be done. Read more

Vanuatu, May 2019 Following last year’s volcanic eruptions on Ambae Island, there’s good news. Most people who were evacuated from the island and needed emergency assistance, have now returned and schools are re-opening, a positive sign that life is getting back to normal. Read more

Indonesia, May 2019 ABM’s supporters responded generously and quickly, enabling ABM to send funds to the response carried out by Action by Churches Together (ACT) Indonesia Forum. This has contributed towards the relief and recovery efforts to reach more than 12,000 individuals. Read more 

Vanuatu, March 2019 The latest update on the Manaro Volcano Emergency – Ambae – A Story of Resilience and Solidarity – and ABM’s work with the Anglican Church of Melanesia. Read more

Palestine, January 2019 ABM’s partner, the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, is slowly recovering from an unexpected collapse of their outpatient clinic at the end of last year and needs support to reconstruct the building. Read more

Papua New Guinea, December 2018 – Highlands PNG communities receive Christmas present from ABM Partners. Read more

Papua New Guinea, August 2018 – An update on the response to the earthquake in PNG. Read more

Palestine, July 2018 – News from the Diocese of Jerusalem on the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, where further assistance is needed to continue treating people injured in the recent unrest. Read more 

Tonga, July 2018 – An update on the recovery work in communities devastated by Cyclone Gita which struck the island nation in February this year. Read more 

Syria, June 2018 –   What were some of the key achievements of ACT Alliance partners who responded to the humanitarian crisis in Syria? Read more

Vanuatu, June 2018 – An update from the Anglican Church of Melanesia in Vanuatu about their emergency response to the Ambae Island evacuation following the eruption of Manaro Volcano. Read more  

Vanuatu, May 2018 – A look at the relief efforts of the Anglican Church of Melanesia as communities rebuild their lives a year on from when Cyclone Donna struck the northern group of islands in the Diocese of Banks and Torres. Read more

Sri Lanka, May 2018 – One year ago the Church of Ceylon, Colombo Diocese, responded to the worst flooding in 15 years across Sri Lanka. Learn about the importance of disaster management training and how it played a role in the Church’s emergency response. Read more

Palestine, May 2018 – Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza is asking for more assistance in the wake of the recent violent clashes which left many injured or dead. Read more

Fiji, Jan 2018 – Almost two years since Cyclone Winston swept through Fiji, killing 44 people, the village of Maniava is celebrating its re-birth. Read more



ACFID Brief: Overseas Emergencies and Public Donations

The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) has produced a brief which advises on how the Australian public can contribute during overseas emergencies and why cash donations are preferable to goods in kind during emergencies. The document may be found on the ACFID website at this link:


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