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Empowerment into Worship Update

Group photo
Group photo of workshop attendees at Wote Township Primary School, in the Diocese of Machakos

August 2016

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) have recently organised two highly successful training workshops through the Youth and Sunday School Empowerment into Worship program.

The first of these was held in the Diocese of Makueni, at the ACK Wote Township Primary School, during April 2016. The second was held in the Diocese of Machakos, at the All Souls’ Cathedral in Machakos city, during May 2016. Altogether, 150 Youth Leaders, Brigade Officers and Sunday School teachers participated in the program. They reported feeling equipped theologically and empowered to continue the important work of this ministry.

The topics covered during the training included the following:

  • Professing our faith
  • Role of Children and Youth in climate change
  • Physical education and life skills
  • Sex / Sexuality among the youth and children
  • Drug and Substance Abuse
  • Leadership skills
  • Career development
  • Role of youth and children in the Church
  • Resource Mobilization, stewardship and accountability
  • Qualities of Sunday school teacher, Youth leader and Brigade officer
  • Children’s right in the context of law and the bible
  • Youth / Children and HIV & AIDS

At the conclusion of the workshops, Bishop Joseph Mutungi thanked all the participants for coming to the training, and said they have received the power to be able to teach others. This was reflected in the theme of the workshops, taken from 2 Timothy 2:2b and the Great Commission outlined in Mathew 28:18 – 20.


Here is an excerpt from the Bishops’ address on the Great Commission;

“GO” is a command. “Therefore” connects a conclusion. Taken together, this says “Therefore, go…” Jesus then gives us the terms of reference for this divine imperative;

  • To make all of them my disciples
  • Teaching them to obey
  • Baptizing them
  • I will be with you (this is a promise)
  • Until the end of the time (the stated time line)

We have been given power and authority over all evil forces and powers. Realize the potential in you and stir it up. We are going to empower you wherever you are going to be.  We assure you of all full support in actualizing the things we want to realize.

Let Sunday school, Youth and Brigade come for Christ.

Our Diocese is not going to remain the same again.”

The Bishop awarded certificates to the delegates as well as to the facilitators, to the sound of many cheers and loud applause. 

Certificate awarded to participants
Certificates for participants
Bishop Joseph Mutungi addressing trainees
Bishop Joseph Mutungi addressing trainees in Machakos














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