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Kenya: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd update

April 2018

Since his visit to ABM in October 2017, ABM has received further news from Ven Canon Kistos Khisa, Managing Director of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Children’s (CGS) Program in Kenya. During his visit, Canon Khisa spoke of their plans to create a packable atrium for all levels within the CGS program. The Atrium “is a specially prepared place where children are able to fall in love with the Good Shepherd. It is a safe, non-judgemental place where children and the adults work with materials together and listen to God” It is a core part of the CGS program.

Sadly, not all churches have a dedicated space they can give over to the CGS full time. In response to this need, CGS developed a packable atrium for level 1. Now we have photos of the Level 2 packable atrium they have developed, seen below with Kaye Corner, an Advisor to the CGS East Africa. The box is designed so that every part of it is used as part of the Atrium, even the lid unfolds and is used for the leaders and children in the sessions.


Kaye Corner, an Advisor to the CGS East Africa, with the Level 2 Atrium.  
Kaye Corner, an Advisor to the CGS East Africa, with the Level 2 Atrium.  


The first two sections of the Level 2 packable atrium are being trialled at the Sudanese Church at Yeronga in Brisbane.

Canon Khisa shares that “CGS East Africa plans to place one of these at the Training Centre at Malek Diocese in South Sudan”.

Originating in Kenya, the CGS East Africa Association has established Atriums in Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan. Their experience in these countries has shown them that “the amazing thing is that disturbed and troubled children, screwed up by awful experiences and violence, in the Atrium, find peace and grow to be well adjusted”. Canon Khisa shares CGS East Africa’s vision to expand the program in South Sudan to 100,000 South Sudanese children by 2023. The training centre in Malek, where the packable atriums will be sent, will be one of the training sites for the new leaders to achieve this.

There are also plans to expand the CGS into Tanzania, Burundi and the Congo.

ABM is proud to partner with CGS in Kenya and support their work in other dioceses. We thank all the supporters who have given financially and prayed for this important work amongst these children. Please continue to pray for Canon Khisa as he leads his team to achieve they visions they have for CGS, for the volunteer leaders who lovingly lead the sessions and the children who attend. If you would like to make a financial contribution to this work, you can donate here


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