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TOPIK – Towards Peace in Korea

Towards Peace in Korea’s Fr Joachim Kim with the Border Peace School founder. © ABM/Julianne Stewart, 2014.

Towards Peace in Korea’s Fr Joachim Kim with the Border
Peace School founder. © ABM/Julianne Stewart, 2014.

ABM’s Programs Director, Julianne Stewart, visited Korea in 2014 and witnessed some of the work of the Towards Peace in Korea (TOPIK) program, amongst a variety of projects included in the social ministry of the Anglican Church of Korea.

She said, “For many people living in South Korea, including the Anglican Church, there is a strong longing and hope for eventual peaceful reunification of the south and the north. The church has been active in several initiatives which aim to build peace. These initiatives are not restricted to material assistance to people in need in the North.”

“TOPIK works hard to take advantage of all opportunities offered to them to assist ordinary people in North Korea. Most recently this has involved purchasing and equipping (in neighbouring China) an ambulance for a hospital in the North Korean city of Najin, in consultation with the local People’s Party there. TOPIK will also provide medicines and equipment for the hospital.”

Through its history, the Anglican Church of Korea had always worked in whatever ways it could, as part of other Christian and faith-based organisations, to further the realisation of peace between North and South Korea. But in 2005 they decided they wanted to do something more.

In that year, the Church invited the Anglican Communion to go to North Korea. Out of this invitation, in 2007 the Communion held its first Anglican Peace Conference in South Korea. A second event took place more recently in the Japanese city of Okinawa in 2013.

From this 2007 conference, the Anglican Church entity, TOPIK was born. This tax deductible program needs your support to continue to promote peace between the North and South, seven years on from its inception. Please give generously.

KP001NP – Towards Peace in Korea project needs $20,000 in 2015



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