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Myanmar: Church Capacity Building

Work taking place on the Action Plan. © CPM 2015
Work taking place on the Action
Plan. © CPM 2015
Community Development project


This is part of the Community Development Program: Learn more about ABM’s Programs here



The Church Capacity Building project aims to enhance the Church of the Province of Myanmar’s (CPM) capacity to deliver sustainable community development initiatives at both Provincial and Diocesan levels.

This has been an ongoing project of ABM with a commitment to helping to ensure that the structure is sustainable in the longer-term.

Work is continuing following the 2014 roundtable with overseas partners, an historic event for the Church in Myanmar, which helped develop a strategic plan for community development work. A three-year Action Plan (2015-18) has been put in place, with diocesan development desks operational from 1st of June 2015.

Last year ABM’s Programs’ Director, Julianne Stewart, visited Myanmar. She met with Bishop David Nyi Nyi Naing, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Mandalay, who told stories of old community development projects that ABM and other donors had supported in the diocese.

The Linkho Clean Water Project is still reporting the benefits of having access to clean water four years after completion of the project. A Planting Project in Namatu (supported by another of CPM’s partners) where the church bought land for a village to grow crops on, after just one year, has made enough from selling the crops to buy the land outright.

“You call these projects, but to us they are life”, Bishop David said.

Please give to this project so further capacity can be built at all levels of the Church and more success achieved by the Church of the Province of Myanmar.

MM001CE needs $32,400 in 2016 (tax-deductible)

This project receives partial funding from the Australian Government. This project receives partial funding from the Australian Government.



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October 2016 – The Church of the Province of Myanmar (CPM) has made impressive gains over the last year in this area of institutional capacity building, in order to deliver sustainable development initiatives. Read more.