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Myanmar: Education

Students eagerly learning at Bum Sam Middle School. © CPM 2015.
Students eagerly learning at Bum Sam Middle School.

© CPM 2015.

Community Development project


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Following a visit to Myanmar last year, ABM Programs’ Director, Julianne Stewart said, “This is a church which is playing no small part in contributing positively to the dynamic social fabric of modern Myanmar. I visited the Diocesan Learning Centre that ABM is supporting in Mandalay and met its new Principal. This Centre is teaching English, as well as some computing, music and Japanese. It is partly an income-generation project and partly a service to the local young people. I came away feeling that the Church in the Province of Myanmar is a church that is full of energy, dedicated to helping people to flourish, in all the possible meanings of the word.”

ABM has supported education and learning in Myanmar in a number of different ways.

In recent years, the program funded training which covered English classes, basic computer skills and building skills for community work. The training also aimed to raise awareness in a range of issues faced by young people in Myanmar today, such as the trafficking of women and children, protection of the environment, drug addiction and other social issues.

ABM also supports the Bum Sam Middle School in Myitkyina Diocese, in Kachin State. The school is located in a very remote part of the state, only accessible by river. Sadly this part of Myanmar is frequently affected by armed conflict and the Church had to suspend classes for a time during 2015 for the protection of staff and students. ABM is currently working with the Church on a sustainability plan, so that the school will eventually be self-supporting.

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August 2016 – With the support of ABM, the Church of the Province of Myanmar (CPM) recently held an exciting ‘Community Work Training’ course, organized by the Anglican Young People’s Association in Yangon. Read more.


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