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Doctorate Sponsorship Program

Nant Hnin Hnin Aye  
 Nant Hnin Hnin Aye (Snow) 
Church to church project


This is part of the Church to Church Program: Learn more about ABM’s Programs here.


ABM is supporting a postgraduate scholarship at Trinity College in Melbourne for a theology student from Myanmar. In partnership with the Church in the Province of Myanmar, ABM is delighted that Nant Hnin Hnin Aye (Snow is her English name) will be the first recipient of the scholarship. Snow will study for a doctorate in New Testament studies, specifically looking at how Jesus redefined the social and cultural norms of his day, as described in Luke’s gospel. Given Myanmar’s particular political context, she will focus on the application of Jesus’ teachings to the reality of marginalised groups in Myanmar today. Snow is hoping to be a role model and set a trend for Anglican women theologians in Myanmar.

Snow’s story

I grew up in Yangon City. Originally my parents are from Delta village, Poe Karen tribal area. They migrated to Yangon for good education and start family life. I live there now with my parents, and have three older brothers. They all are married. I am youngest and only one daughter in my family.

My family is a faithful Anglican family. Our family is serving different roles in the ministry as ordained and lay ministers.  Ministry life in Myanmar is not easy and have challenges from political, social, and financial. But we are joyful in serving.

My job is a New Testament lecturer at Holy Cross Theological College, Church of the Province of Myanmar, Anglican. My roles in ministry are as member of the management committee, a member of Academic monitoring committee, personal assistant of the Principal of Holy Cross, a member of the steering committee in Women’s Department at Myanmar Council of Churches, and a member of the Anglican Research Center. 

I would like to do a Doctorate degree in Australia, to enhance my theological understanding for this work, to benefit Holy Cross and women in general. My Doctorate proposal is to explore Jesus’ redefinition of cultural and social praxis, with particular emphasis on the marginalized groups found in the gospel of Luke. I would do this from a postcolonial perspective, with consideration of the marginalized groups in the Myanmar context. Very few women here have a Doctorate in Anglican theology. I want to show Anglican women that we are capable of this achievement. 

I will gain a broader knowledge in biblical study through completing my Doctorate. This in depth study will strengthen my theological and academic background. In practice, a person who has a Doctorate can apply for academic dean in theological institution. I can contribute more in theological journals for the Anglican research center.

There are not many chances for women in education both in secular society and the church. For example, in the ministry men are majority when opportunity comes they got first because they are ordained. Only women have opportunity when some organization and theological school who offer sponsor for women. Women are secondary class in our society.  

I would like to be an outstanding leader full of commitment in ministry. My understanding of ministry is serving people for their spiritual education. I love helping needy people especially for in the area of education. An example of this is fund raising for educational endowment in my local church. I always encourage younger women that women are capable in ministry, in theological education as same as men.  I would like to see 100% opportunity for women in educational area. The more educated women we have the new generation will build healthy community with positive approach.