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Education Project Update

Henner May   Rosie Rwe

Henner May from Yangon Diocese


Rosie Rwe from Myitkyina Diocese

August 2016

With the support of ABM, the Church of the Province of Myanmar (CPM) recently held a ‘Community Work Training’ course, organized by the Anglican Young People’s Association in Yangon. This six-week course was designed to assist young people in gaining practical life-skills and general knowledge, equipping them to go on to lead productive and rewarding lives.

Henner May and Rosie Rwe were among the participants. After completing the course, they were asked what they had learned, and about their plans for the future;

Henner responded,

“I learn a lot on evangelism, team building and team work, development work and librarian work. I would like to build my own business and want to help in child development work.

Rosie says,

“I have learn a lot on relationship and accountability in this training. I would like to become a lawyer and skill in computer. I want to develop our nation and our environment. 


A total of 15 youths attended, including 10 girls and 5 boys, along with numerous teachers and guest speakers from prominent religious and secular institutions. The subjects covered in the course included;

1. English Elementary Course

2. Anglican Spirituality Course

3. Mapping Community

4. Strengths & Weaknesses analysis 

5. Youth and Development

6. Public Speaking Skill

7. Personal Hygiene

8. Facilitation Skill

9. Human Right and Human Dignity

   10. Job Performance

   11. Gender awareness

   12. Management

   13. Defining Evangelism        

   14. Moral Lessons

   15. Basic Accounting

   16. Basic Tourism

   17.Critical Thinking

   18.Community Development


The students were also invited to attend the various Anglican churches around Yangon City on Sundays, and given the opportunity to go on excursions around the city centre. As many of the youths were from small rural communities in Myanmar, this experience helped to broaden their perspective on life, stimulating positive ideas for what they might like to do in the future.

The Director of the program, Naw Laldini, described the changes she saw in the students throughout the time they spent together;

In the beginning, they were not very comfortable with (being at the) training, as they are young and just passed their school exams. However, as they actively participated in the lessons, and gave services in the dining room, they have improved their self-confidence, interpersonal skill and personalities. They learnt to know what important things are to do in their future. Furthermore, I observed that they applied what they had learnt by keeping the campus clean, taking care with using plastic, and when they went to aged-care home, they learnt a lot of social work.

I am grateful to see that they made themselves happy and improved their skills. They especially learnt to live together in unity with other friends from different dioceses. I also noticed that they were very united in whatever they are asked to do, creating team-spirit amongst themselves.


She finished by thanking ABM and the other organisers, expressing appreciation for these positive changes in the teenagers.

We would like to thank those who come and give lectures to the trainees with love, all the organizations which hosted our trainees for the excursions, the Bishops’court faculty members for their warm and kind helps, and especially ABM who supported the training. May God bless all them always.


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