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Myanmar: Evangelism and Christian Education (Phase II)

Church to Church Program
Group activities in Loikaw Camp © CPM 2015, used with permission.
Group activities in Loikaw Camp. © CPM 2015,
used with permission.

This is part of the Church to Church Program: Learn more about ABM’s Programs here.



Collectively, the following four activities will help strengthen the Church of the Province of Myanmar (CPM) which need your support to share the Gospel with communities.


Producing Myanmar Hymn Books

The Anglican Church in Myanmar’s Hymn Books are used in every parish for their Sunday services and other important worship services. Parishioners also use them for morning and evening devotions. In 2017, CPM needs to replace old Hymn Books for the whole province especially for the Burmese speaking congregations. The project aims to produce 5,000 copies of Burmese Hymn Books.

Producing Children’s Activity Books

There are six dioceses in the CPM with approximately 67,000 members including around 6,500 children. These children attend regular Sunday School classes in their local churches both in urban and rural areas. Teaching Sunday school children is a great task and to make it more effective, the Provincial RE (Religious Education) and RM (Religious Music) Department of the CPM have prepared “active learning seasonal lessons of the Church” for children. However, because of insufficient funds, they could not provide weekly lesson booklets. The provincial office could only support up to 800,000 Kyats per year or no more than AUD $1,000. In fact, due to lack of funds, the Church resorted to borrowing some money with low interest from other organisations to be able to continue producing these lesson booklets. To avoid this, in 2017 the project aims to produce 3,000 copies of these active learning lessons for children between the ages of four and 14.

Anglican Public Information Centre for the Diocese of Yangon

The aim of this part of the project is to establish the first Anglican Public Information Centre for the Church of the Province of Myanmar. The Centre will be a place for managing the data and information that is collected and will be accountable for coordinating between the CPM and the Global Anglican Communion. The Centre will also serve as a major outlet for disseminating the Gospel for Evangelism by means of distributing the CPM’s publications and news. The project will start in Yangon Diocese and will be based at the headquarters of the CPM but it is envisioned branches of this Centre will be established in other dioceses.

Trainer of Trainers (TOT) for Discipleship across the six dioceses

This activity is an extension of Phase I of the project. Seminars were conducted across the six dioceses and textbooks related to all the topics that were produced. The feedback received from all participants was so positive the training will now be progressed at a Diocesan level.

MM011MA needs $40,000 in 2017 (non tax-deductible)



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Project Updates

July 2017 – Work is well underway on the Children’s Activity Books, which will include five lessons on various Biblical teachings or faith confessions. Read more.


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