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Myanmar: Sustainable Agriculture in Hpa-an Villages

Training in the village in Myanmar. © CPM 2017.

Training in the village in Myanmar. © CPM 2017.

Community Development project





This is part of the Community Development Program: 
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With a long history of civil war and suffering, people in villages in Hpa-an Diocese are beginning to return from internally displaced persons’ camps and find hope in stability following peace negotiations.

Through this new project, the Church of the Province of Myanmar aims to support these people to build healthy and self-reliant communities and parishes. This will be done by supporting sustainable village
livelihood improvement projects to develop community capacity and resilience. Through an asset- based
community development approach, this project will engage people in these villages to appreciate their
own resources and be the main agents of their own development.

An important component of this project is communication and education activities, building on local knowledge to enhance agricultural and farming skills through training and workshops.

The project is specifically focused on internally-displaced people from the border of Myanmar and
Thailand, providing opportunities to improve their livelihoods through sustainable agriculture as they Sustainable Agriculture in Hpa-an Villages look to return and stay in their villages long-term.

With increased incomes from sustainable farming and agricultural practices, farmers are more assured of meeting their basic needs, sending their children to primary and high school, having available funds to cover their basic health needs and providing themselves with reasonable shelter.

This sustainable agriculture project will engage households to work together, identify strengths and resources available in their communities and apply these resources to initiatives that will improve their situation. It is envisaged that through an assetbased community development approach, project participants are able to lift themselves out of poverty and find ways to improve their quality of life.

With the support of ABM and Australian Aid, it is anticipated that this project will bring long term social, economic, education and health benefits in these villages.

Your support will have long term effects – the formation of village project committees and the deve-lopment of leadership skills of committee officers will assist in the sustainability of this project.

The Church of the Province of Myanmar has historically provided education services and health support to areas where it has a presence in Myanmar. In recent years, it has also engaged in community develop-ment activities particularly around community agriculture and farming, smallscale Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) activities and incomegeneration initiatives. Hpa-an Diocese has implemented basic water and sanitation systems, established long-term crop plantation, fish ponds, and village health improvement activities.

The continuing presence and support of the Church in these rural villages will help ensure this project’s sustainability.

Please help lift out of poverty these people who are returning home after having been displaced by conflict. Your generous support of this project will greatly assist to improve their quality of life.

MM001SA needs $25,000 in 2018 (tax-deductible)

Australian Aid logo This project receives partial funding from the Australian Government.



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