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2017 Encounter Program


Fr Graeme Weaver visits the Mission to Seafarers
Fr Graeme Weaver visited the Mission to Seafarers in the Philippines.
© Graeme Weaver 2016, Used with permission
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This is part of the Church to Church Program:
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The Encounter Program has evolved to offer a variety of opportunities. Traditionally, the program sees ABM bring clergy from its partner churches to Australia for mutual learning. ABM helps the Australian parish to devise a program which transforms and enriches both the parish and the visitor, who is able to experience Australian and Anglican life.

In 2016, Fr Graeme Weaver visited the Diocese of the Northern Philippines on a self-funded ABM Encounter visit, spending four weeks in the Diocese of the Northern Philippines.

This visit to the Philippines had been a long-term dream, birthed through prayer and reflection. It began with Fr Graeme’s ministry as chaplain for Bunbury Mission to Seafarers, and the contact he made with many Filipino seafarers as a result. Over time and through much prayer, the dream to visit a diocese in the Philippines crystallised, and the opportunity to further explore the possibilities came through contact with ABM and the Encounter Program coordinator, Wilnor Flores.

Fr Graeme says he was delighted when ABM’s partner, The Episcopal Church of the Philippines, allocated him to the Northern Diocese of the Philippines and the parish of St Catherine’s (Cervantes).

He said the experience offered him, “Wonderful scenery, fantastic and interesting people. Plus many experiences of the spiritual and of the interaction of faith in the many varying contexts of the Diocese and parishes.”

“I was able to visit the Manila Mission to Seafarers within the Cathedral of the Holy Child, in Manila, and to do some networking and to link our two centres together, Bunbury and Manila,” he said.

“I am looking forward to returning to the Diocese of the Northern Philippines in 2017, and celebrating the 100th year birthday of St Gabriel’s Lubon, since the first missionaries arrived in the north, and once again being part of that great Diocese.”

The Encounter program offers clergy in ABM’s partner dioceses learning opportunities similar to what Fr Graeme experienced.

Snow at Trinity Theological College in Melbourne
Snow, pictured at Trinity College Theological School in 
Melbourne, is studying a Doctorate in Theology that is 
supported by the Encounter program. © Nant Hnin Hnin 
Aye 2016, Used with permission. 

Through this unique program ABM is also supporting a postgraduate scholarship at Trinity College in Melbourne.

In partnership with the Church in the Province of Myanmar, ABM is delighted that Nant Hnin Hnin Aye 
(Snow is her English name) is the first recipient of the scholarship.

Snow will study for a Doctorate in Theology, specifically looking at how Jesus redefined the social and cultural norms of his day, as described in Luke’s gospel. Given Myanmar’s particular political context, she will focus on the application of Jesus’ teachings to the reality of marginalised groups in Myanmar today. Snow is hoping to be a role model and set a trend for Anglican women theologians in Myanmar.





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