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Papua New Guinea: Disaster Management

Community Development Program
Josepha explains an aspect of disaster risk reduction. © Julianne Stewart/ABM 2016.
Josepha explains an aspect of disaster risk reduction.
© Julianne Stewart/ABM 2016.


This is part of the Community Development Program: Learn more about ABM’s Programs here


In 2016, ABM supported the leaders of the Anglican Church in PNG to participate in a planning workshop that prepared for the next stage of Disaster Management activities in the region.

Following the workshop, a number of activities were identified in each Diocese. A consolidated response plan is being developed by Anglicare to respond to the Diocese’s needs and will focus on providing support for community based disaster preparedness, and preparedness activities for the Diocesan offices. This approach promotes community engagement and ownership of the plan which is proven to be an effective response in crisis situations.

Particular gaps identified during the planning were about communication both from the Diocese to community level and back up to the Provincial Disaster Authorities. In times of crisis it’s often communication that is a challenge, so the preparation of good Disaster Management plans that outline response options is essential. Further consideration will be given to a more detailed Anglicare Disaster Management strategy in 2017. ABM often supports its partners in crisis situations by providing emergency relief aid. This project is important to help the Church in PNG to prepare for emergency situations as well as educating local people on methods to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Please consider a donation to this project to assist communities in PNG to plan effectively for disaster situations.

PG006DM needs $50,000 in 2017 (tax-deductible)



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