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Papua New Guinea: Adult Literacy

Community Development project
Anglicare Staff are seeing life changing results through the Adult Literacy program. © Anglicare PNG, 2017. Used with permission.

Anglicare Staff are seeing life changing
results through the Adult Literacy
program. © Anglicare PNG, 2017.
Used with permission.

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A powerful story from the Adult Literacy project in PNG illustrates
the life-changing impact this project is having. Warren Waghi, an Adult Literacy teacher with Anglicare PNG, and Darwin Gabore, the Port Moresby Adult Literacy Centre Manager write:

“From our research and observations of Anglicare Adult Literacy students from Level 1 to Level 4, we have noticed a common trend of behaviour. The eagerness of the students, their solid commitment in attending classes, and their obedience to their teachers’ instructions has indicated that education is treasured above any other thing. In discovering and celebrating this eagerness, we also learnt with sadness the stories of these students, many of whom come from extremely poor and broken homes.

“One story that particularly struck us was that of a student named John John.

“John John is the eldest child in his family. He was in primary school when his parents divorced. His father left his mother and married another woman when he was in grade 6.

“Left without the primary breadwinner, John John struggled to continue his education and eventually had to withdraw as there was no money for bus fares or daily meals. “Hungry and desperate, he joined gangs on the streets and soon was involved in petty crime. He survived on the food that he stole, living this way for ten years.”

John John ‘s life was transformed when he started to attend the Anglicare Adult Literacy program. Read the full story here: Escape from a life of crime

The Anglican Church of PNG’s literacy program, delivered by Anglicare PNG, has over 80 schools and 2,500 learners enrolled across eight provinces in PNG. ABM partners with Anglicare PNG, which works closely with the Anglican dioceses around the country, to coordinate the program and oversee the syllabus. The syllabus incorporates literacy and numeracy as well as social issues, such as domestic violence, HIV, child protection, alcohol abuse and law and justice. Your gift is changing lives like John John’s. Please give generously.

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Project Update

December 2018 – Has Anglicare PNG’s Adult Literacy Program really made a difference? Read more

September 2018 – The abilty to read and write can be life changing as so many aspects of our lives depend on being able to understand letters and numbers, to be informed and make decisions. The PNG Adult Literacy project is making this a reality in the lives of many. Read more



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