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The Story of the ABM Bags

The members of the Kasalika Association are residents of one of the slum areas in metropolitan Manila in the Philippines.

ABM has supported the work of the Kasalika Association for a number of years through our Partner the Episcopal Church in the Philippines. In 2012, ABM gave its first order of 1,000 bags to be sewn by their members and this continues today. The ABM bags are used for promotional purposes and have been well received.

A new video has been produced by the E-CARE Foundation titled ‘Luke’s Visit to Caloocan’ which features Luke Bagano, E-CARE’s Monitoring Officer, visiting Miramonte in Caloocan City and gives an update on the Kasalika Association.


By supporting our partner, the Episcopal Church in the Philippines, you are also empowering women like the members of Kasalika, so that they can help to support their families and communities.


Fr Hilary with ABM bag Myanmar partner with ABM bag
ABM partners with bags in the Solomon Islands and Myanmar.


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