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Solomon Islands Church Capacity Building

Some of the staff at the workshop. © Anglican Church of Melanesia, 2016. Used with permission.
Some of the staff at the workshop. © Anglican Church of Melanesia,
2016. Used with permission.

September 2016

In late July 2016, a Capacity Building workshop was held with the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM), ABM’s partner in the Solomon Islands. The workshop was for ACOM Heads of Department, Treasurers and Commercial Holdings Managers, to further enhance their existing knowledge and skills.

The training, facilitated by the Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Centre, was held at the Melanesian Haus Hall, St Banabas Cathedral Church from 25th until 29th July 2016, and was attended by 39 people (including 16 women) from the dioceses of Malaita, Isabel, Temotu, Makira, Guadalcanal and Honiara.

Numerous modules in leadership, management and evaluation were covered, including topics such as;

  • How to manage a profitable business operation
  • Investing in human resources
  • How to design and implement productive systems
  • Understanding organisational development theory
  • How to achieve the goal of sustainability and self-reliance
  • Review of relevant ACOM policies and procedures
Group discussion amongst ACOM senior management
     Group discussion amongst ACOM senior management


There was much positive feedback from this time, with the majority of participants rating the course content as ‘excellent’, and expressing a greater degree of confidence in carrying out their roles as a result.

A further effectiveness evaluation will also occur in 6 months’ time, to understand how this training has impacted the work being done by the church in the Solomons.


ABM would like to thank everyone who contributed towards this project, ensuring that our Pacific neighbours have every opportunity to enjoy success in the management of their affairs.


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