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Solomon Islands: Church Capacity Building update

June 2017

Casper Sikou, the Community and Social Development Coordinator for the Anglican Church of Melanesia, is currently attending the E-CARE intensive trainings in the Philippines. His training is being supported by ABM under the Church Capacity Building program, and he has written an article on his experiences so far.

Group photo at the E-CARE Development Training course
Casper Sikou (third from right in front row) poses for a group photo at the E-CARE Development Training course. 
© ECP 2017. Used with permission


E-CARE intensive trainings for Anglican Communion Members – Philippines

By Casper Sikou (Kay Cee)

MORE THAN 12 PARTICIPANTS from members of the Anglican Communion in Africa, Asia and Pacific are currently undertaking 3 weeks of Intensive Training on International Development, Capacity Building and Learning in Tadian, Mountain Province in the Philippines.

The training is conducted by different trainers with expertise from the E-CARE Foundation known as Episcopal Community Action for Renewal and Empowerment Foundation in the Philippines and is supported by different Anglican Partners internationally.

The Prime Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Philippines (ECP), The Most. Rev. Renato Abibico, warmly welcomed the international participants and assured them of the importance of ECP and E-CARE partnership with Anglican Communion members overseas and their development work in their respective countries, that, this intensive training will equip them with new knowledge, approaches and learning opportunities to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

He further highlighted that, as Anglican Communion members throughout the world, it is important that we, in our community development aspirations and initiatives, should embrace our Anglican members through our pastoral and spiritual approach in today’s standard.

The Episcopal-CARE Foundation is now what was formerly known as the CBDP or “Community-Based Development Program”. It is one of the programmatic expressions of the ECP’s Five Marks of Mission.

This is one program, in complementation with other ministries of the Church, where it proclaims the Good News of the Kingdom, teaches and nurtures communities with Christian values of love and servanthood, responds to human needs by a loving service, transforms unjust structures of society and challenges violence of every kind, and strives to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

The training will complete in two weeks’ time (mid-June), where the participants will be graduated based on their different fields of expertise.

** Casper Sikou is a participant in the 4th E-CARE International Development Training representing the Diocese of Central Melanesia, Solomon Islands, in the Anglican Church of Melanesia.


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