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Solomon Islands: Church Capacity Building

This year we aim to provide the Anglican Alliance Agents of Change course to 15 development workers in the Solomon Islands, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to lead local development projects.

Tagolyn Kabekabe. © Liz Baker/ABM, 2013.
Tagolyn Kabekabe. © Liz Baker/ABM, 2013.

ABM is excited to be supporting members of our Solomon Island partner church, the Anglican Church of Melanesia, to study the Anglican Alliance’s Agents of Change program.

Students in the Solomon Islands, along with others all over the Anglican Communion, will be able to gain expert knowledge and skills on setting up a development project, over 8 modules. Successfully completing the course will give students the skills and knowledge to be “agents of change” as they facilitate development activities in their own communities.

Solomon Islands-based Anglican Alliance Regional Coordinator for the Pacific, Mrs Tagolyn Kabekabe, says that Agents of Change began as an online program, but this was really not very accessible to people living in the Solomon Islands due to unreliable internet and people’s lack of familiarity with this medium. However, now it is now going to be offered face to face for Solomon Islanders. She is looking to for local facilitators and mentors to provide the training over a period of about 8 months. The revamped course has attracted a lot of interest, and Tagolyn hopes it will especially attract those already working in development.

And the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has praised the program:

“The Agents of Change program is one of the most exciting innovations from the Anglican Alliance. The modules focus on vital areas of community development, grounded in academic rigour. It is a superb contribution from the Anglican Alliance to strengthen the committed and inspiring work of Anglicans around the world in holistic mission.

“I hear that participants talk of being themselves transformed as they seek to transform their communities, working together with the poorest and most vulnerable. Bonds of fellowship are developing across the Anglican Communion. Together people are discovering a shared vision and mutual inspiration in responding to God’s call to build his Kingdom in the here and now.” (Agents of Change website,

Giving to this project will enable eligible people in the Solomon Islands to access the course, and become true Agents of Change in their own communities. [1]

SB012IS Needs $8,809 in 2019 (tax-deductible)

  • $335 will provide travel and accommodation costs for one participant to attend the course in a face to face setting (the course itself is free).



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 [1]Funds for this project may also be used to assist ACOM to develop their Gender Policy, and for ACOM leadership to visit ABM’s Philippines partner, the Episcopal Church in the Philippines to study their model of church and development.