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Solomon Islands: Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

The beautiful coastlines of the Solomon Islands are being affected by the effects of long-term climate change. © ABM, Kate Winney 2016.

The beautiful coastlines of the Solomon Islands are being affected by the effects
of long-term climate change. © ABM, Kate Winney 2016.

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During the last year, the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) in the Solomon Islands installed eight new water tanks using ABM funding, as part of their Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change response work.

Over 1,000 residents in disaster-prone areas are now able to access these eight new tanks, making a significant difference to their general health and wellbeing.

The St Claire Rural Health Clinic, located in the Central Island Province of the Solomon Islands, was one of the recipients. The Health Clinic has been tirelessly serving the people of the province for many years, both Anglican and non-Anglican, caring for the sick despite the challenges of limited resources and access to clean water.

One of the senior nurses acknowledged the timely support given by ACOM and ABM, sharing her experience of the difficulties facing staff and patients when water is scarce.

“We tried to treat our patients every day of their sickness, but at the back of our head we also tried
to address the water shortage in our clinic, which is difficult,” she said. “At the end of the day, it is our
children and our people that we serve. One water tank alone cannot solve the whole problem, but at
least part of it has been dealt with and we must thank ACOM for this generous assistance,” she said.
Other Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change activities have been implemented, including
critical training for staff which will enable greater effectiveness and efficiency in the future.

The Solomon Islands are particularly vulnerable to the effects of long-term climate change, including the increasing frequency and severity of extreme events such as droughts, tropical cyclones and strong storm surges. Your ongoing support will ensure families and communities are well prepared to deal with future
natural disasters, and recover quickly in the aftermath.

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