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WASH program in the village of Kayemback

June 2015 – Vanuatu Program Officer Jess Sexton tells about the WASH program in the village of Kayemback.

During a recent ABM trip to Vanua Lava, we had the opportunity to visit a remote community in the island’s east. Approximately one hours’ boat journey from the capital Sola, Kayemback is a vibrant seaside village with friendly locals and bountiful natural resources. We were given a special welcome by the village chief and elders, accompanied by traditional dancers and musicians, and songs from the local primary school children.

ABM had supported Water and Sanitation projects within the Kayemback community during the previous phase of the Vanuatu Church Partnership Program (VCPP), as well as the establishment of Adult Literacy education. We had come to see the results, which were impressive to say the least.

Two VIP toilets have been established in the school vicinity, and are used by both students and staff. Prior to this, the school had no sanitation facilities, and students were required to use the surrounding forest along with the rest of the community. A tank has also been constructed through program funds, allowing fresh rainwater to be captured for drinking. This reduces the amount of time required to gather water from local streams, and protects students against diseases from contaminated water. Along with these new facilities, the school and community have received education in safe hygiene and sanitation practices, including hand-washing and food preparation.

Rainwater tank in Kayemback. © ABM/Jess Sexton 2015 A VIP toilet in Kayemback. © ABM/Jess Sexton 2015
 Rainwater tank in Kayemback.  A VIP toilet in Kayemback. 
Inside the VIP toilet. © ABM/Jess Sexton 2015 Gracetella Smith at the water tank. © ABM/Jess Sexton 2015
Inside the VIP toilet.  Using the water tank.


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