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A market stall in Zambia. © Steve Daughtry/ABM, 2015.

A market stall in Zambia. © Steve Daughtry/ABM, 2015.

The Republic of Zambia
is a landlocked country in central-southern Africa, full of dramatic natural beauty and astonishing wildlife. Most visitors would come to see the majestic Victoria Falls, but leave with new insight into another of Zambia’s true wonders – the resilience and strength of a people grappling with extreme poverty.

After a period of steady economic growth over the last decade, Zambia’s economy came under strain during 2015 and 2016, largely due to a combination of falling global copper prices, severe power outages, and low rainfall. As the economy retracted, the already low average wages of workers fell, with the gross nation income reported at just US$1300 in 2016. Of the country’s 16.5 million people, 64.4% live below income poverty line (PPP 1.90 per day), and 22.5% experience severe, multi-dimensional poverty.

Many of the poorest people live in households headed by women.

Across most of southern Africa, prevailing land heritage systems discriminate against women, and there are also major discrepancies between men and women in terms of access to healthcare and education.

Yet women are largely responsible for food production and many other income-generating activities and household duties, while men often migrate to urban areas in search of employment.

ABM has formally partnered with the Zambia Anglican Council Outreach Program (ZACOP) since 2009, working together to address these challenges facing communities. ZACOP is the development and social service arms of the Anglican Church in Zambia, and the projects ABM supports are designed to address gender-based violence and encourage the empowerment of women. This work is targeting rural communities in eastern Zambia, where people are experiencing the greatest challenges.

ABM also supports St John’s Seminary and the clergy training program, which is designed to equip students and their families with both ministry and livelihood skills for service.

Your prayer and financial support of these programs is vital in ensuring families and communities in Zambia are empowered to reach their full potential, breaking cycles of poverty for generations to come.


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