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Zambia:Health Clinic Equipping

Inside the Chipili Rural Health Centre

Inside the Chipili Rural Health Centre’s female ward.
© Zambia Anglican Council 2013

A number of health centres were built by the Zambia Anglican Council’s Health project in the last couple of years with donations from international donors, like ABM. Three of these clinics are in the areas of Mambwe, Chishkinka, and Chipili – remote rural areas where there are limited medical services. The health centre treats everyone who comes, however a large part of the services is the provision of maternal and new born health services.

These health centres currently sit empty and mostly unused, because funding from other donors was limited. Patients who come to these clinics are attended to in the facility yard – they do not use the inside of the clinic. Patients cannot be cared for inside these health centres because there are no mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows, privacy curtains and not enough beds. As a consequence women have stopped attending the clinic for childbirths, and the risk of infant or mother deaths has substantially increased.

Through this short-term project maternal-child health services will be improved as pregnant women are able to access supervised delivery services, health checks and in-patient care. As a result of making these clinics functional, people in these three areas who will directly benefit from the clinics are: 13,155 women, 6,204 children under 5 years old, and 12,913 men; and those who will indirectly benefit: 8,156 women, 6,204 children under 5 years old, and 7,529 men.

Your tax-deductible support will greatly impact on lives of mothers, children and babies. 

ZM003HE – Health Clinic Equipping needs $23,000 in 2014
(This is an updated figure as of February 2014)


» 05/09/14 project update 

Mattresses being delivered to Chipili Health facility. 
Mattresses being delivered to Chipili Health facility.

Chipili Mission Health Centre in Luapula Diocese were able to purchase 44 blankets, 48 bed sheets sets and 60 blankets. The diocese provided the transportation and covered the cost of fuel.

“At community level people were all smiles and ready to be part of the monitoring to see that these items are put to good use. The community members who were in the off-loading team sang and women ululated the Zambian way.”


Mr Felix Chishala, neighborhood Chairperson, giving a vote of thanks on behalf of the community at Chipili Health Centre.
Mr Felix Chishala, neighborhood Chairperson, giving a
vote of thanks on behalf of the community at Chipili
Health Centre.

The handover ceremony took place on 1st July 2014 at the Chipili Health Centre where the mattresses, blankets and bed sheets were handed over. There were about 100 people present including the Dean of the Cathedral, the Vicar General, representatives from the District Commissioner’s office for Chipili, project and health centre staff and community health workers.

The District Commissioner sincerely thanked ABM and ZAC, and the Dean thanked all the people who witnessed the ceremony and urged them to continue collaborating with the church.



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