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Zambia:Gender and Governance Initiative

A young girl leads a group of curious onlookers in the Western Province. Her future is looking brighter due to the work being done through the Gender and Governance program. © Julianne Stewart/ABM 2016.

A young girl leads a group of curious onlookers in the
Western Province. Her future is looking brighter due
to the work being done through the Gender and
Governance program. © Julianne Stewart/ABM 2016.

Community Development project


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The Zambia Demographic and Health Survey (2014) reports that in Zambia, 43% of women aged 15 – 49 have experienced physical violence, with 37% of women having experienced physical violence 12 months prior to the survey.

Poverty indicators also show that Western Province is one of the poorest provinces in Zambia with a staggering 80% of people living in poverty and 60% experiencing extreme poverty, with women more affected than men (World Bank, 2015).

It is confronting statistics like these that the Gender and Governance Initiative is aiming to reduce.

The Zambia Anglican Council Outreach Program (ZACOP) commenced a three-year Gender and Governance Program in 2011 with ABM funding support. In 2012, this was modified to include a component to address Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The overall objective of the Gender and Governance Initiative is to reduce gender imbalances, enhance the empowerment of women in the project sites and promote good governance practices at national and local government levels by encouraging the participation of women in leadership roles. The program also aims to educate people about, and reduce the incidence of, Gender Based Violence.

2017 will see Phase 2 of this successful project commence so that it builds on the achievements of Phase 1.

ZM003GE needs $81,375 in 2017 (tax-deductible)   



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September 2017 – The Zambian Anglican Church Outreach Program (ZACOP)  is seeing some amazing changes in the lives of ordinary people. Read more.

September 2016 – ABM recently commissioned an evaluation to assess the value and impact of the Gender and Governance Program in Zambia. The results of this evaluation were recently sent to ABM, with some very positive results. Read more.


Gender and Governance: The Church in Zambia

This documentary shares how the Anglican Church in Zambia is working to empower women and improve governance.