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Zambia Anglican Council Outreach Program is revamped!

Members of the Gender Action Group in Zambia. © Julianne Stewart/ABM, 2015
Members of the Gender Action Group in Zambia.
© Julianne Stewart/ABM, 2015

ABM’s Programs Director, Dr Julianne Stewart, has recently returned home from an important meeting in Lusaka, hosted by the Anglican Church in Zambia (Zambia Anglican Council Outreach Program -ZACOP).

The church is part of the Province of Central Africa, and its Outreach Program has a strong reputation of serving Zambia in the areas of Early Childhood Development, Malaria Prevention and Treatment and Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, among other things. ABM has been supporting the church’s Gender and Governance Program since about 2011, with funds from ABM’s generous supporters, including the ABM Auxiliary, and also from the Australian government.

ZACOP has recently undergone a restructure, which has strengthened its governance and management systems. There is a new, highly skilled board and new senior staff. Soon, there will be a new Strategic Plan which will involve consultation with all the five dioceses who implement the programs.

ABM is currently funding an evaluation of the Gender and Governance Program to determine what kinds of activities are working well, where improvements and cost-savings could be made, and how to make gender issues a part of every program, and how to best achieve sustained positive results. We look forward to reporting in the next few months on the results already achieved by this important program in its first four years.

Julianne Stewart
Programs Director
16 February, 2016 


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