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Simply Sharing 2011

Welcome to Simply Sharing Week education resource for 2011!

Simply Sharing Week is an ecumenical initiative of several
Christian relief and development agencies in Australia. Each
year, Simply Sharing Week encourages Australians to learn
about and become involved in issues of social justice.

This year Simply Sharing Week is focusing on climate justice
and will be held from 5-11 June; however you can participate
at the time of year that best suits you and your community.

The theme for 2011 is “A Just Climate?”

Climate change is one of the greatest social, economic and
environmental challenges of our time. Our consumer mentality
and heavy demand on energy resources has contributed to
the excessive human production of greenhouse gas emissions.
The effects of climate change are already having a significant impact not only on ecosystems around the globe, but on the lives and livelihoods of many people, particularly the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. The World Health Organization has estimated that 150,000 people are dying every year because of climate change. Are we living in ‘A Just Climate?’

These Simply Sharing Week resources and activities explore the many complex issues surrounding climate change; present information on the causes and consequences of climate change; give a voice to those who are being directly affected by the changes in climate; and provide tools for reflecting on our individual and collective contribution to this global situation.

Advocacy activity for 2011

This year, as part of Simply Sharing Week, we are joining with the Micah Challenge Australia ‘Share the Earth’ Campaign, to send a clear message to the Australian Government, that as a nation we must take responsibility and act now on climate change in order to ensure environmental sustainability and reduce the effects of a changing climate on the poor.

You can be involved by organising a ‘Share the Table’ event in your community. Information on how to take part in this action is included in these resource materials.

The resource pack is available to download from this page and has been dispatched to Anglican schools around Australia. All material can be accessed from the Simply Sharing Week website

Thank you for participating in Simply Sharing Week 2011.

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