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Worship Resources for the Coming of the Light

The General Synod Office has written to all Diocesan Bishops and Registrars inviting all Australian Anglicans to join in this important celebration:

At its meeting in April 2021 the General Synod Standing Committee resolved as follows:
The Standing Committee noted with joy that on 1 July 2021 Torres Strait Islander Christians from all over Australia will join together to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Coming of the Light, and especially notes the importance of the celebration for the Anglican Church of Australia given its extensive history in the Torres Strait. We pledge our support to Torres Strait Islander Anglicans and ask that all Australian Anglicans join with them to celebrate this historic occasion. (SC2021/02/06)

The Diocese of North Queensland has produced an Order of Service for the 150th Anniversary of the Coming of the Light based upon the Second Order of Holy Communion from A Prayer Book for Australia.

The liturgy is designed for general use in the Australian Church to celebrate the Coming of the Light. It has been reviewed by the Liturgy Commission. Please be mindful of any local permissions you need to obtain in your own ministry context.


Liturgy for the Coming of the Light (Microsoft Word)

Liturgy for the Coming of the Light (PDF)


Sermon notes 


Sermon notes for the Coming of the Light 

Download document  4 KB