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ABM visits Tasmania

Robert McLean, second from right, with the ABM Tasmania Committee at St Andrew's Evandale.
Robert McLean, second from right, with Fr Warwick Cuthbertson and members of the ABM Tasmania
Committee at St Andrew’s Evandale. © Warwick Cuthbertson, 2019.

September 2019

Dennis Mann from the ABM Tasmania Committee gave us a report on Robert McLean’s recent speaking tour in the Diocese of Tasmania.

ABM Tasmania was pleased to host Robert McLean, Partnerships Coordinator, for a short Tasmanian tour in mid August. 

He addressed groups in Bellerive, All Saint’s Hobart, Longford, Holy Trinity Launceston and Evandale.

One of ABM’s principal concerns at the moment is with the work at Newton Theological College, Popondetta, Papua New Guinea. It was heartening to hear how the college is working hard to raise the standards of their students who are being prepared for ministry.

Robert’s slideshow of Newton College and the students was thoroughly enjoyable and personal in that we were able to see not only the buildings, but these wonderful people who are in training to take Christianity to the far-flung towns and villages of this beautiful country. It was great to hear how our donations are being used to such great effect.

Crosses from Tasmania gifted to Newton College students.


We were delighted to give Robert some small crosses (pictured above) – one for each student – made from Tasmanian timbers which will be something tangible to remind them that they are part of our family and in our prayers. Members of our congregations were able to donate particular crosses, and these were blessed by Fr Warwick Cuthbertson in Evandale.

It was a fantastic win-win situation in that the money raised from donations for the crosses was given directly to Robert to be used at Newton. Robert will give the crosses to the students on his next visit to Papua New Guinea.

ABM is grateful to our supporters in the Diocese of Tasmania for their continued support of our work and our Partners, and also for the warm hospitality shown during Robert’s visit.


>> To find out more about Newton Theological College in PNG, please visit the project page here.


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