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Adelaide Auxiliary’s palm crosses

Since 1980 the ABM Auxiliary in Adelaide has been making palm crosses and selling them to parishes and schools across Australia to fundraise for mission.

This year a total of 48 parishes received palm crosses, of which 36 were in the Diocese of Adelaide, and 6 in the Diocese of the Murray. The remainder were from parishes and some individuals in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. 

There were orders from two schools as well, in Adelaide and Canberra & Goulburn Dioceses.

Mrs Elaine Edwards, a member of the Adelaide Auxiliary, told us that in 2018 they made and distributed 8,830 crosses. There were 8 people making the crosses with others who assisted by donating palm fronds and/or helping to cut them.

Pictured below are some of the volunteers from St Martin’s Campbelltown who made the bulk of the palm crosses. They include former ABM missionary Miss Una Bachmann (second from left) and Mrs Margaret Inkster (far right), the widow of Mr John Inkster who was the ‘stamp man’ for ABM in Adelaide for forty years until his death just before Christmas.

This undertaking is not without its challenges. The palm crosses need to be refrigerated and as Australia Post now takes longer to deliver standard parcels, the Auxiliary have to use express post which has added to their costs over the last few years.

Thank you to the Adelaide Auxiliary for such a terrific effort! ABM is so grateful to all of you for making the palm crosses which we, as well as others here and overseas, have benefitted from over the years.  


Adelaide Auxiliary members making palm crosses.


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