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Anglican Parish of Cohuna’s Pancake Day

The ladies of Cohuna Anglican Parish packing pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.
The ladies of Cohuna Anglican Parish packing pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.
© Cohuna Parish

February 2018

The Anglican Parish of Cohuna in the Diocese of Bendigo hold an annual fundraising event on Shrove Tuesday, the proceeds of which are donated to ABM.

Organiser Marilyn Hornsby wrote about this year’s event which took place on Tuesday 13 February:

“We had the Cohuna ABM Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day morning tea and delivery of pancakes around the town of Cohuna. It was a great success as in the past.”

“We delivered pancakes to businesses in town, 392 serves. Two pancakes with jam and cream at $4 each. We had a few less visitors to our morning tea, 98 people. Pancakes were served with jam and cream, and savoury ones with relish and sour cream.

“We hold a fashion parade of clothing from our Op Shop, always very popular. Clothes are sold on the day.

“All up we cooked around 1,200 pancakes. It is a great parish activity which is well received by the community. After cost, we have $2,274.64 which will be sent to ABM. The parish members are given the ABM project books to choose the projects that we will support. It is a great day and we are able to recruit a number extra people to help with cooking and delivering the pancakes around town.”


ABM would like to say a big thank you to the Anglican Parish of Cohuna for their incredible effort and hard work! We really appreciate what you do, and hearing all about it.


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