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Honouring the Life and Ministry of the Reverend Daniel Teed

Fr Daniel Teed at a village church in PNG
Fr Daniel Teed at a village church in PNG. © Ayron Teed,
used with permission.

November 2019

On Sunday 29 September 2019, the parish of Christ Church Castlemaine in the Diocese of Bendigo, hosted a fundraising concert in memory of the late Reverend Daniel Teed (1933-2015).

Fr Daniel had served in Bendigo Diocese as Rector of Tongala and Castlemaine parishes later in his ministry. Prior to these appointments, he served as a missionary with the Anglican Board of Mission in Boianai (1968-71) and Sag Sag (1971-74) in Papua New Guinea, accompanied by his wife Ayron.

The concerts have become somewhat of a tradition which began with Fr Daniel’s brother, Roy Teed, a well-known composer and musician, being honoured after his death in 2017.

This concert featured the Ashbourne Baroque Ensemble and organist John Tungyep.

The group’s director, Tony Conolan, has made a career of leading such orchestras as the Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras. He has also had extensive experience overseas training orchestras and working as a soloist.

Tony formed the ensemble nearly four years ago to give young players experience in the baroque style. During the performance, he played a baroque violin made by Castlemaine violin maker, Rainer Beilharz; the other instruments in the ensemble included violins, cello, and harpsichord.

The concert’s programme consisted of five pieces, with the first being a wedding march composed by Roy Teed in 1955. The other compositions were written by Handel, Corelli and Albinoni.

Ayron says, “It was very successful, very enjoyable and great to see the church being used in this way.”

The proceeds of $500 from the event have been donated in support of ABM’s Literacy, Language and Numeracy project in Papua New Guinea.

ABM gives thanks to God for the life and ministry of Fr Daniel which has been honoured through music and the generosity of others to transform lives in PNG.


The Teed family at Boianai Parish.
The Teed family at Boianai Parish. © Ayron Teed, used with permission.


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