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Tony Naake’s Myanmar Water Challenge

Tony Naake and the Rev John Deane on pilgrimage in Myanmar.
Tony Naake and the Rev John Deane, second and third from the left, on pilgrimage in Myanmar. 

September 2019

Tony Naake is a long-time ABM supporter who has set himself a personal challenge to raise $50,000 for ABM’s Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project in Myanmar.

He travelled to Myanmar on an ABM pilgrimage where the group visited some of the villages supported through ABM’s development projects. Tony was moved by what he witnessed during the trip.

“I saw firsthand the lack of access to clean drinking water and the serious implications for people’s health, such as water-borne disease.”

Since Tony began his quest in March this year, he has been speaking at various ABM events and finding ways to fundraise such as holding a garage sale.


Tony recently shared a story of a close friend who was inspired to raise money towards his cause:

“Birthday wishes to my Myanmar Water Challenge!”

“A very good friend of mine, Pat Bryant, has recently celebrated a significant birthday. Instead of receiving presents she asked her friends to donate to my challenge. After several parties, Pat has collected and donated $1000! So far $22,663 has been donated, I welcome your continuing support to implement clean water systems in remote villages in Myanmar. I have challenged myself to raise $50,000 to support the Anglican Board of Mission’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project in Myanmar. Let’s hope there are many more Pats out there!”

Tony Naake and Pat Bryant.
Tony Naake and Pat Bryant.


If you are also inspired by Tony’s enthusiasm and want to support ABM’s Myanmar WASH Project through Tony’s fundraiser, please find out more and donate at


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