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Ahli Arab Hospital – Gaza Emergency Response Situation Report

Sawsan Aranki-Batato, Programs Development Officer at Ahli Arab Hospital.

31/07/14 – Sawsan Aranki-Batato (pictured), Programs Development Officer of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, has provided an update on the situation at the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.


Situation at Ahli Arab Hospital (AAH) – 29 July 2014

  • At the beginning of the Israeli military operation, the impact of the airstrikes has caused structural damages to the hospital, including its ventilation system in the operating theatre and the emergency room. In addition, windows have been broken in many buildings as well as in the new diagnostic center.
  • Moreover, due to indirect Israeli air strikes toward the surrounding areas of the hospital, the exterior wall at the area of the hospital laundry was partially destroyed. The main steam pipeline of the hospital was also destroyed and many inpatients’ rooms were hit by large shrapnel. As a result, part of the hospital is left without hot water and immediate renovation to a number of rooms is required to accommodate the patients.
  • Since the beginning of the crisis, Al-Ahli staff have maintained around-the-clock presence at the hospital, receiving wounded people and providing them with the critical medical care that they need.
  • Like the other hospitals in Gaza, Al-Ahli hospital is experiencing shortages in medicine, fuel for electrical generators, food for patients, and food parcels for many in the community seeking this help.
  • Due to the difficulties of movement, 40% of Ahli manpower is unable to reach the hospital. Consequently, the management of the hospital was obliged to hire extra staff to replace the Ahli work force shortages as well as to meet the extra number of injured and patients who are in need of medical care.


Response of Ahli Arab Hospital

  • Ahli Arab hospital has received 660 cases, among them 57% casualties.
  • Ahli Surgical team is dealing mostly with explosion injuries and traumas including: abdominal injuries, bone injuries, chest injuries, soft tissue injuries and different types of burns.
  • Ahli Arab Hospital has opened its doors to the family members of the wounded (being treated at the hospital) who are desperate with no place to go and have sought refuge at the hospital. Care is provided to those family members (food, lodging, psychosocial support, etc).
  • Coordination with other hospitals is taking place with Ahli Arab hospital focusing on covering some shortages of the medicine and medical supplies.
  • Discussion is taking place with the International Medical Corp Jordan to give a hand to Ahli medical staff to respond to the increasing need for medical intervention. Ahli Arab Hospital will provide the space pro-bono as a contribution to reach more people and children in need of immediate medical intervention. We are still waiting permission from the Israeli Authorities to enter Gaza.
  AAH medical team receiving patients at the hospital. © The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem 2014

 AAH medical team receiving patients at the hospital.
© The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem 2014

Needs of Ahli Arab Hospital

  • Fuel to produce electricity in order to run the surgery theatres and keep running essential equipment that keeps patients in critical conditions alive.
  • Medical supplies, medicine and antibiotics.
  • Orthopaedic supplies for the high number of cases of broken limbs, etc.
  • Food and non-food items for patients and their families that have sought refuge to the hospital.
  • Linen, hospital beds, mattresses and pillows.
  • Procurement of new equipment that are needed for post-war treatment and rehabilitation of injured patients.
  • Hiring of new staff to stand to up to the need of responding and supporting patients and their families. 


Ms Aranki-Batato has a message for all who offer their support for Ahli Arab Hospital:

“Your generosity is helping our diocesan hospital respond meaningfully to the wounded and their families. Your ongoing support and prayers are deeply appreciated.”

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