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Hospital still struggling to cope post-war

Al Ahli surgical team performing an operation on an injured patient
Al Ahli surgical team performing an operation on an
injured patient. ©AAH 2014

Like other hospitals in the Gaza strip, Al Ahli hospital is struggling to cope with the increased demand for medical services in the post-war period.

There are around 110,000 displaced people in the vicinity of the hospital, predominately women and children. Access to food and clean water is limited, and as a result, instances of malnutrition and disease have risen dramatically. The psychological effects of the war are also particularly apparent, with women and children displaying signs of shell shock.

In response, Al Ahli staff have used emergency relief donations to extend the free outreach services of the hospital, and now cover around 7,000 cases per week in the community. They also focus on psychological support, running activities such as ‘Joyful Days’ for children, and counselling sessions for adults. Hygiene kits are distributed regularly to families as well, increasing sanitation and thus mitigating the spread of disease.

The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem would like to thank all ABM supporters of the hospital, emphasising the good work that has been accomplished through such generosity.

If you would like to read this letter in full, please click on the following link: A letter of thanks from the Archbishop of Jerusalem, Suheil Dawani (formerly Bishop up until 23 October 2014).   


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