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Kenya: Disability Inclusion Project

 Amos with his small shoe-shine business before receiving assistance from the program .
© Diocese of Eldoret Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre, 2018, used with permission .    Amos with his thriving business as a shoemaker . © Diocese of Eldoret Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre, 2018, used with permission
Amos with his small shoe-shine business before receiving assistance from the program, and at right,
his thriving business today. © Diocese of Eldoret Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre, 2018, Used
with permission.

This year we aim to support people with a disability to lead independent, self-supporting lives, free of stigma, and to create greater awareness of the rights of such people among the local church and general population.

Many of ABM’s supporters will have been following the progress of the Disability Inclusion Project which is the brainchild of the Kenyan Diocese of Eldoret’s Community-Based Rehabilitation Program, in partnership with ABM and the Australian Diocese of Perth.

This project gets behind selected local people who either have a disability themselves — or else have a child or children with a disability – and provides them with a mentor and training to develop a viable business.

Two years ago we showed in these pages a photo of Amos, one of the early participants in the project. At that stage, Amos was running his shoe-shine business out of a very tiny room. We are now happy to share this report from Nelly, the Project Manager in Eldoret, on the latest stage of his story, following on from receiving training in bookkeeping and business management, and on receiving a no-interest loan from the program:

“Amos from Chepterit, who has a physical disability, was a shoe repair man. He could not get enough products from the suppliers due to inadequate funds. The small room that he was using for the business was in a hidden place which made inadequate access for his customers. After training on simple book keeping and financial management, he can do all his own accounting and make good use of his money. After getting the grant from this project, he has increased his stock and changed from being a shoe repairman to a shoemaker. He can get all the materials he wants from the suppliers. Recently, Amos has relocated to another business house in the centre of Chepterit and his customers can access his business easily, especially on Market Day. He makes a variety of shoes of modern quality and attracts many more customers than before.”

Your generous donation to this project will help people like Amos to set up, maintain and expand their businesses so that they can become self-supporting, active participants and leaders in their local communities, churches and society.

KE011DB needs $25,973 in 2019 (tax-deductible)

  • $60 will provide training in disability rights for two people, who will go on to train others.
  • It costs $205 to provide one year of on-site training in bookkeeping, accounting and impact monitoring to 8 people with a disability.
  • $675 provides a start-up business loan for one person with a disability.



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