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2018 Prayer Diary – Partners in Prayer

2018 Partners in Prayer

Welcome to the 2018 edition of Partners in Prayer, ABM’s prayer diary.

The purpose of this prayer diary is to encourage our supporters to pray for our partners, as well as for the projects that ABM helps to run in conjunction with some of them. It also contains the Anglican Church of Australia’s monthly prayer cycle.

ABM’s partnerships are often long-standing with the length of many of these relationships measured in decades. ABM relates to partners in a number of different ways:

Activity Partnerships are those where ABM and a partner work together on an activity. We have such arrangements with some of our Church Partners and all of our Development Partners. Activity Partnerships involve funding arrangements. Much of ABM’s daily work revolves around Activity Partnerships. Our Development Partners are usually the development arm of particular Church Partners. Depending on their size, they can be a development desk or department within the Church, or
a separately incorporated entity (in the same way that church agencies are separately incorporated from the church itself in Australia).

Some of ABM’s Activity Partnerships are guided by an accord called a Partnership Agreement. This is the highest level of Activity Partnership framework. Other ABM Activity Partnerships are guided by a framework involving memorandums of understanding.

Relational Partnerships are those where ABM and a partner are bound together by mutual ties of affection, but there are no current joint activities. We have such arrangements with some of our Church Partners. We strive to inform the Church in Australia about these Church Partners, encourage prayer for them and host visits when such Church Partners travel to Australia.

Networking Partnerships have formed between ABM and other Anglican mission agencies, pan-Anglican organisations and ecumenical development agencies. Such partnerships can be those where ABM shares and gains knowledge from other partners (such as between ABM and other mission agencies). There can also be those where ABM and a partner share a mutual interest. For example, if ABM and another agency both work with the same Development Partner, it makes sense to work together to ensure that the engagement with the Development Partner is coordinated – so that time, effort and funds are neither duplicated nor wasted.

In addition, each year Partners in Prayer seeks to stimulate the Church in Australia to pray for global concerns such as Internally Displaced people, Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

We trust that you will find Partners in Prayer helpful as you pray for God’s mission and the Church across the world.

Robert McLean
Partnerships Coordinator


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