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Tributes to Bishop Ken Mason

I would be glad if my and Lorna’s condolences could be shared with others expressing such on 9 January 2019.

I offer one small brush stroke of the Kenneth Bruce Mason portrait.

As Legal Adviser of the Diocese of the NT, with involvements within the national Anglican Church, I was closest to Ken during his time as a Diocesan Bishop.

In the roles that came to him in that capacity, he dealt with novel and complex issues with wisdom and aplomb, leading from among his people as one of them.

He was quietly effective: the right person in the right place at the right time, where there was needed a very special person, in a difficult, unique place, at a challenging time.

One particular legacy that Ken left the Diocese was the perennially sought after Anglican condition of “unity in diversity”. Under his guidance, representatives of the spectrum of Anglican churchmanship worked as a united Territory team. I have not seen a better example of such cooperation.

Max Horton OAM LLB
Anglican Diocese of the Northern Territory


Thanks be to God for Ken’s friendship, love and prayers. He had a memorable life.

David Thompson


I am deeply sad to learn that Bishop Ken passed away this morning. He was a wonderful man as I remember he came annually to be our locum priest and offer us (not only church members, also cleric colleagues) very good pastoral support. I personally learnt a lot from him.

Could you extend my condolences to his family as I remember him in my prayers? May the Lord grant him eternal peace. 

+ Andrew
Bishop of West Kowloon
Former Dean of St John’s Cathedral


We will light a candle at the time of Ken’s funeral, either at St John’s Mansfield or at home depending on my health and level of functioning on the day.

The Reverend Alan and Adele Foster


As you might imagine, I was very sad to hear of the death of Bishop Ken; but like all who knew him, I give thanks to God for having known him, and for the inspiration of his faithfulness and interest in so many.

Sadly, in one of those great instances of bad timing, I fly back to Perth the day before his Requiem at St James. I will offer mass for the repose of his soul in Wollaston Chapel on the day of the Requiem. I hope that one of his colleagues from their time together at Trinity in Melbourne, +Peter Carnley, will be able to be present. (Bishop Peter tells me they learnt Italian together at one time!)

The Reverend Dr Gregory Seach
Wollaston Theological College
Anglican Diocese of Perth


Dear Friends at the Board of Mission,

Having contributed to some your work in the past, from my home in northern central British Columbia, Canada, I was grateful to receive the latest email which included the funeral details of the late Bishop Ken Mason.

When I served in the Diocese of Yukon (Northern Canada) in the 1980’s Bishop Ken, who was then bishop of the Northern Territories and who had got to know Bishop John Frame, then bishop of Yukon, when they were both at the 1978 Lambeth Conference, was guest at our diocesan synod. I seem to remember that when at Lambeth they were the two youngest bishops in attendance.

As I recall now after many years, I still remember with some affection I might say, what a very impressionable and friendly bishop, Bishop Mason was. His time with us in Yukon was a most enjoyable time.

Coincidentally, Bishop Frame and his wife Barbara, both very good friends of mine, had retired to Vancouver Island. Bishop Frame died after a short illness, aged 86, in August of 2017 and Barbara  six months to the day, February 4th, last year.

An indication of how the years are passing but it is good to remember those who have influenced our walk in faith.

Blessings to you all,

Ray Fletcher +


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