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Sustainable Development Goals

– resources for Synods

Sustainable Development Goals

Welcome to ABM’s resource page for Synods on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thank you for supporting the world wide commitment to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years:

  • End extreme poverty
  • Fight inequality & injustice
  • Fix climate change

A variety of resources are available below for your diocese to use in preparation for your upcoming Synod. More resources will be uploaded over the coming weeks.


General Synod 2017 Motion on SDGs

You are invited to present this motion at your upcoming Synod for endorsement by your diocese.

General Synod Motion on the Sustainable Development Goals

You may wish to include the following points to make it actionable by your diocese:

  • Endorse the General Synod Motion on SDGs
  • commend all Anglican agencies working in Australia and overseas on their contribution to the achievement of the SDGs locally and globally.
  • call on parishes and the diocese to give a specific amount of budget e.g. 0.5% or 0.7%, to ABM or another Anglican agency that supports the achievement of the SDGs in Australia and through overseas partners
  • encourage parishes to use the ABM SDG Study in their small groups or to invite speakers to their parish to educate them about the SDGs and how they can contribute to their achievement.
  • challenge parishes to identify at least one way they can contribute to all 17 SDGs across all ministry areas e.g. kids, youth, young adults, home groups and even their physical buildings.


Resources for explaining and implementing the SDGs

Below is a list of websites that provide a wealth of information on the SDGs and suggestions for how to implement them at local, national, regional and international levels for individuals and institutions alike.

Official UN Resources
Global Goals Website
SDGs in Action App for devices
UN’s Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World
170 Daily Actions to transform our world
  ABM Resources on SDGs
ABM Bible Study on Sustainable Development  _A_Bible_Study_Guide_2019_.pdf
Living Marks of Mission: An educational resource exploring faith and sustainable development  series.html 
ABM Sustainable Development Goals Resource page
SDG Poster Series Please contact ABM for information
  Australian Coalitions that advocate for and educate about the SDGs
Micah Challenge
   Australian Aid
  Links to news articles on SDGs  goals.aspx

Download a Word .doc copy of the above Resources for Explaining and Implementing the SDGs here.



7 Bible studies that introduce the Global Goals for Sustainable Development through the work of ABM’s partners. Written by Dr Julianne Stewart – Download a copy here