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MWG Secret Page

This page has been set up to share documents, sometimes confidential, with members of the ABM Marketing Working group.  The page address is not made public and can only be found by using the specific url.

If you would like a document made available to other members of the MWG, please e-mail it to Chris ( and he will upload it to the site.

This is a much more secure way of sharing documents than using e-mail and also means that the version on this site is the latest and that we are all working from the same hymn sheet (pun intended!). 


Agenda Items

MWG Agendas and Minutes Document

Terms of Reference for the Marketing Working Group


Marketing Strategy Documents

Marketing Working Group Board Report – Sept 2017

Marketing Report to the Board September 2017

Marketing Review Status Update Aug 2017


Marketing Report to the Board June 2017

Marketing Report to the Board March 2017

Database Analysis so far – what more infomration/analysis would you like? Please ask Chris if you want a copy of this.

Marketing Review Draft Action Plan

Key Messages Working Document – these are the key messages that came out of the Marketing Team’s plannign day in December.

2016 Marketing Review – document adopted by the Board

Marketing Review Final Report (26/6/2016)

Logo and Website survey results. Origianl Survey  All Data  Repsonses to Question 2 Repsonses to Question 4  All Responses and Choices

Marketing Strategy 2016 Terms of Reference – this is Liz’s document that she spoke to on Wednesday. Please have a read and let me know your thoughts now that you have seen it.  Apologies not to get it to you before the meeting.

What are Key Messages

SWOT Analysis

Fundraising Tactics Review

Progress Note for June Board Meeting

Audit Results

Stakeholder Analysis


Department Documents

2014/15 Communications Annual Report – some stats about our department’s achievements

Where some of your donations go . . . – this is a document that Julianne has written with the intention of informing and educating our supporters.  We’ll discuss in person whether we think this is appropriate.

Campaign Calendar – this is the plan for all our appeals, the themes and what projects we include.

The Activities of the Marketing and Fundraising Department – this lists all our activities by month and also contains some of the fun numbers of what we’ve been up to.

Diocesan Giving Figures – this gives a 3 month breakdown by diocese of the their total giving to ABM.

Anglican Giving Survey 2010 – The nearest I could find to a “clean” copy – hopefully it doesn’t identify the responder to any of you.

Anglican Giving Survey Responses 2010 – again, another scanned copy as the original is being elusive (if ABM was ever given it).  We can get in touch with the original company to get a copy if anyone wishes.


ABM Documents

ABM Strategic Plan and Business Plan 2012-2016 – this document is the Strategic Plan for the whole of ABM.  The Communications part is Strategy 3 and Strategy 4.

Partnerships Document – Debra asked for this to be available.  It has not been signed off and is still in draft form.  It gives a good overview of the direction that ABM is heading and where it’s come from.

Christmas Card Income and Expenditure – this is a financial report detailing ABM’s profit and loss on Christmas Cards over the past 3 years.

Proposed wording to Diocesan Reps re the future of Christmas Cards.